A Morning Prayer

June 3, 2015 — Leave a comment

Today is my 35th birthday! Wow.

There are many thoughts I have with each passing birthday. Some about how fast time flies. Some about the number of grey hairs I’ve acquired as of late. Mostly about the number of blessings I daily find myself surrounded by.

Some will inevitable ask, “do you feel older”, “do you feel different”, “do you feel wiser”. My reply is this.

I feel thankful. I feel expectant.

My friend Andrew Cardy recently made a short film titled “A Morning Prayer”. This film and poem beautifully sum up how I feel this morning.


A Morning Prayer from Andrew Cardy on Vimeo.

A Morning Prayer:

Oh God,
I will thank You for today
even as the first light of dawn breaks over the crashing waves
I don’t fully know what will fill the hours ahead of me
But I am grateful for Promise of what they could be
I will thank You for today
in anticipation of what You will do

Knowing that even when I fail to see it,
The songs you sing over me are still true
I will choose today to leave the failures of my past
I will choose today to believe Your love will last
Through whatever mountains and valleys and oceans are ahead
You have never led me into trouble and from the rubble of my insecurity
You breathe new life and give me a new identity

I will Thank You for Today
and pray that every step of the journey we walk together
I remember that You are the strength of my heart Forever
Oh the joy that fills my soul
When I know that You are in control
of every moment of this gift of life You have brought me to
So I will Thank You for today
Even as the first light of dawn breaks over the crashing waves.

– andrew cardy

Written and Directed by: Andrew Cardy
Starring: Grayson Markle
Music: “Dark Beyond the Blue” by Hammock



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