A Song for Our Song

April 2, 2012 — 9 Comments


Today we celebrate the 1yr birthday of our precious Aria Joy, as she now celebrates in the presence of her Heavenly Father. One of the main ways God has comforted us through Aria’s departure from earth has been through song; which is fitting that her name means “beautiful melody of joy”.

We could think of no better way to honor “our sweet song” than to share a song God has inspired us to write out of this season of grief, longing, and awe of the grace, love, and majesty of God.

Below is video of me singing our song “We Cry Holy” at the most recent Campus Harvest conference in Durham, NC. It was an amazing time of worship and a great joy for Kelley and I to know that our song on earth is in unison with the song our daughter and the angels are singing before the throne.




words and music by Jon and Kelley Owens

©RawBlend Publishing 2012




The lights they fade in light of you

Your glory fills the temple

Awakened by the sight of you

We can but stand and tremble


Your face it shines with righteousness

Your voice it shakes the ground

You greet us with your gentleness

And fill us with your sound



The earth is filled with Your glory

Filled with Your glory, filled with Your glory

And we, we will cry holy

We will cry holy, we will cry holy



Undone by love your holy kiss

Has cleansed us by your fire

And seated with our Risen Hope

We join redemption’s choir


The beggar in his lowly state

Now stands in royal robe

The orphan home, the dead alive

The dust in glory clothed



All nature joins with heaven’s song

We raise our anthem holy

In every tongue the Lamb adored

In every nation worthy


Oh weep no more our Lion roars

His victory behold

While Death will die, You’re glorified

And high upon the throne



Holy (x8)

Worthy (x8)

Might (x8)




9 responses to A Song for Our Song

  1. Amazing worship and tribute to Aria Joy. I am blessed by your faith and gifts. Thanks for sharing.
    Love you both.

  2. Such a blessing. This song still encourages me! Such a precious moment of worship.

  3. Speechless!

  4. God bless you and your family. This is incredible. His power is tangible even through the PC. You have been such an amazing influence on so many. Thankyou. Thank God.

  5. precious!

  6. Great post, Jon. This song is anointed. And that video is awesome! What a great moment.

  7. The first time you shared “We Cry Holy,” I knew there was a special anointing on it. At Campus Harvest, it connected heaven and earth for a moment in time. So many were healed of so much in that moment; it was the single most powerful moment of the entire conference. I hope that you and Kelley also found, and continue to find, God’s perfect healing too.

  8. I need you to record this like ASAP. I need this in my arsenal of worship songs.

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