Babies…Bacon…Battlestar Galactica!

February 28, 2013 — 4 Comments

This week I’m super stoked (yep…I said stoked) to be in Austin, TX for Campus Harvest. Last year was amazing and the expectation level going into this year is nuts.

Wednesday was an air travel day for me, as I journeyed to the next Campus Harvest location. Much of it was spent waiting in long lines, observing people pretending not to observe other people, and sitting extremely close with John “Lil John” Lumpkin in seats that were not meant for “full figured” people.

At some point I will probably need to devote an entire blog series to my “Adventures with John ‘Lil John’ Lumpkin”. He is kind of like having a character from an 80’s sitcom with you at all times…if that character were an 75yr old black man…trapped in a 27yr old body…with a voice like rolling thunder…that spoke in riddles…who just happens to be the nastiest drummer you ever heard. You know…THAT guy.

Anywho, the highlights of my day were the two bookends…a baby and bacon (the whole Battlestar Galactica thing was purely for alliteration purposes and a nod to The Office…of course).



First of all, yesterday was my little man Judah’s (aka Cubby…aka LionO) 6 month birthday! I know it may seem kinda silly to be so amped about 6 months, but given that our baby girl Aria passed away just shy of the 6 month mark it’s made it more significant than ever. Life with Cubby has felt so surreal up to this point. I love holding him, kissing him, and making him do that unbelievably cute squeal/laugh.

However, I’ve often had the hardest time picturing him beyond Aria’s age. It was almost like I had internally constructed some kind of safety net that wouldn’t let me imagine him past a certain point in case “anything happened”.

Until yesterday.

There is not a day that goes by without me thinking about my little ginger angel. She changed me. Period. But I am so thankful for my precious chunky toe LionO. He is truly a gift of life and brings so much joy to our family. Every day with him and the rest of the boys is like a new gift. I was so glad to get some quality snuggle time with him this morning before my trip.


Bacon Sign

Then, upon arrival in Austin, TX I was invited to meet some of the worship team at a local spot called “Bacon”…WHAT?!?! That’s right…BACON!!!

This local Austin favorite features a menu shamelessly lauding the majestic pork underbelly that is bacon. From classic dishes like BLT’s or bacon burgers to the amazingly intriguing bacon waffle or just plain classic home cured pork belly, this place is a bacon lovers dream.

I went with the bacon waffle. Perfectly fluffy waffle with little pieces of hickory bacon mixed in the batter. It was a fantastic combination of sweet and savory in every bite. Mmmmm…yes…yes it was.

Though it’s not a place I would eat every day (lest death by swine is appealing to you), it’s definitely worth the visit if you are in the Austin area.

Today will be a full day of rehearsal and prep for the conference, but last night I ended the day with a full belly and even more full heart…and thankful for both.



4 responses to Babies…Bacon…Battlestar Galactica!

  1. I know your precious one passing that 6 month date was BIG. He certainly looks like such a cutie! All of your babies are lovely! I have no doubt that beautiful Aria is cheering her Mommy and Daddy on!

    Hey, was that photo of you taken on our farm? 😉

    Miss you guys! God bless you as you shine for Him!

  2. Love this post, friend. Can’t wait to meet the LionO.

  3. You really need to write a book about being a daddy OR a magazine/newspaper column about food places!!! Either or both would be GREAT!!! Love my Judah Wade–every time his Mimi says that name it empowers me to advance through PRAISE!!
    Love you all,

  4. Beth – I did take that picture on your farm. I took it when we came to the “corn maze” right after Aria went to be with the Lord. Always reppin’ the Ferrell Farm!

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