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September 28, 2013 — 27 Comments


I had pictured it in my mind a thousand times.

I would wake with a lump in my throat, happy that she had finally found “the one”, and broken hearted that my little redheaded angel, lovingly known as “sister”, would no longer be found in the crib but all grow’d up, in the arms of her love.

I would spend the day reminiscing of times when she was a baby. I would think about when we brought her home, the look on her brothers faces when they first laid eyes on her, and the many family trips we took together. I would be overwhelmed with emotion and probably be a crying mess, because that’s what having a little girl had done to me.

I would shake a little as I put on my tuxedo. I would rehearse the steps for the father/daughter dance in my mind. I would be left breathless when seeing her in her wedding gown for the first time. I would savor every measured step, with her hand in mine, as we walked down the aisle.

Her groom had come; it would be time to give her away.

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July 25, 2013 — 2 Comments



For the last several months I’ve been a part of an amazing team dreaming, planning, and executing Every Nation’s World Conference, themed GO! After many meetings, conference calls, songs selections, and more song selections, it’s finally GO time! The GO Conference marks the ceremonial 20th anniversary celebration of Every Nation Ministries.  An EN World Con only comes around every 3 years, but when it does there is nothing quite like it!

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March 12, 2013 — 3 Comments


As an IU fan, Sundays epic battle between two B1G monsters in Indiana and Michigan, was UH-MAZING! Not to mention the heart gripping ending and the conference championship implications.

When that ball aka “The Rock” fell off of the rim, after having hung there for what seem like forever, I jumped, screaming, and lost all regard for whether a baby was asleep in my house or not (thankfully none were). However, when I saw the flood of emotion that came over Victor Oladipo and the amazing shot of Tom Crean sharing that moment with his shooting star of a guard, I thought…this is why I love sports and specifically college basketball. The PASSION that streamed down their faces screamed to everyone watching…this matters…we care.

As a fan, the win gives me bragging rights, makes me want to spend some money on IU gear for me and the boys (Kelley is from Lexington, KY and bleeds UK blue so I have given up her allegiance), and puts me in a good mood for the rest of the afternoon.

For Tom Crean and that IU basketball team, it “mattered” beyond what any casual observer, band wagon fan, or even the most dedicated alum could ever understand.

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March 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

In the spirit of my most recent blog entry “The Art of Cutting”, I found this video and thought it was a fun visual.


The Art of Cutting

March 7, 2013 — 3 Comments

I am a man, quite familiar with blades.

What does that mean, you may ask? Am I a professionally trained knife fighter? No. Do I strategically place weapons around my house in the event of an incursion (ala Dwight Schrute)? Perhaps. Did I start taking iceskating lessons as a young lad by a hard-nosed Canadian minor league hockey coach which lead to me denying my first love and the sport of my youth. Um…NO!

The meaning is two fold.

First of all, I am a hairy man.

The BeastWhen I was a baby faced naive at the age of 17, I remember asking the Lord to allow me to grow facial hair so that I would not look like a 13yr old. I’ve often tried to break that self imposed word curse over the years that has lead to me sowing greatly into the likes of “Gillette”, “The Art of Shaving”, and badger hair…yep…badger hair.

Due to this fascinating rate of facial hair growth, my face has been very accustomed to the feeling of blades (usually four) coming across it…lest I become the urban duck commander.

Every now and then I like to grow out the beard to a nice frothy length or at least until Kelley threatens to never kiss me again. When I take clippers and blades to such a beard, it’s amazing the sense of accomplishment that can result. You can SEE the transformation in a matter of minutes. My favorite is to shave my face, add a little moisturizer, and then go to Kelley so she can populate the cleared space with kisses that seem to say…well done my good and faithful…husband.

Fresh shave

This is the kind of cutting that is easy. I control the shave. I get a quick result. Myself and others can SEE the change immediately. The reward is quick but short lived.

Then there is the second kind of “blade work”. One that I am equally familiar with, but has an infinitely greater weight to it.

This kind of cutting is what I call internal pruning. It’s the kind of cutting that God uses to make us exponentially more fruitful in the long run. It’s the kind of cutting that is often beyond our control if done properly. It’s the kind of cutting that will undeniably change me, but the quality of transformation will ultimately be tested and confirmed over time. It’s the kind of cutting that a few may notice, a couple may recognized, and most will never see. However, it is more real than anything that will ever happen on the surface.

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This week I’m super stoked (yep…I said stoked) to be in Austin, TX for Campus Harvest. Last year was amazing and the expectation level going into this year is nuts.

Wednesday was an air travel day for me, as I journeyed to the next Campus Harvest location. Much of it was spent waiting in long lines, observing people pretending not to observe other people, and sitting extremely close with John “Lil John” Lumpkin in seats that were not meant for “full figured” people.

At some point I will probably need to devote an entire blog series to my “Adventures with John ‘Lil John’ Lumpkin”. He is kind of like having a character from an 80’s sitcom with you at all times…if that character were an 75yr old black man…trapped in a 27yr old body…with a voice like rolling thunder…that spoke in riddles…who just happens to be the nastiest drummer you ever heard. You know…THAT guy.

Anywho, the highlights of my day were the two bookends…a baby and bacon (the whole Battlestar Galactica thing was purely for alliteration purposes and a nod to The Office…of course).



First of all, yesterday was my little man Judah’s (aka Cubby…aka LionO) 6 month birthday! I know it may seem kinda silly to be so amped about 6 months, but given that our baby girl Aria passed away just shy of the 6 month mark it’s made it more significant than ever. Life with Cubby has felt so surreal up to this point. I love holding him, kissing him, and making him do that unbelievably cute squeal/laugh.

However, I’ve often had the hardest time picturing him beyond Aria’s age. It was almost like I had internally constructed some kind of safety net that wouldn’t let me imagine him past a certain point in case “anything happened”.

Until yesterday.

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For the first time ever, Campus Harvest is coming to Jacksonville, FL…THIS WEEKEND!!! Students from all over the Southeast region will be gathering at Southpoint Community Church to encounter God and be forever changed. For over 20yrs Campus Harvest has served as a catalyst for transformation in the hearts of students all over the world and this year will be no exception! Already this year Campus Harvest has hosted student conferences in Calgary, Los Angeles, and Durham, NC.

I’ve had the joy of being a part of the Campus Harvest team for the last 12yrs, but every year I am reminded about the first time I attended. In 2001, I was invited to attended Campus Harvest by a friend of mine from our local church dance team who refused to take no for an answer. I was reluctant to come because I knew God was drawing me in and wanting to speak to me, but I had become quite comfortable playing the role of Jonah and pretending not to care.

I boarded the white 15 passenger van intentionally sitting shotgun because I didn’t want to have to talk to the “happy christian white kids in the back”. I now realize that the opposition and resistance I was feeling was the reeling of every oppressive circumstance and influencing lie that knew the end was coming for them.

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