Enter into “The Fall”!

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The Fall Album Art

I am excited to announce the release of “The Fall – EP”!!!

For those of you who are just tuning in, “The Fall – EP” is part 2 of a two EP worship project titled “The Rise & The Fall”. On January 1, 2014 (our anniversary) my wife and I took a HUGE leap and launched a Kickstarter campaign that would fund this worship project and with the prayers and backing of over 250 amazing people we exceeded our goal and have been able to go on the most incredible journey to bring these songs to you. 

“The Fall – EP” particularly comes from a very deep place in Kelley and I. The song “Hold Me Still” was the very first song we wrote after our precious daughter Aria Joy went to be with the Lord. “All of You” was such a personal reminder of ALL that Christ had given us in the midst of what felt like the greatest loss we’d ever experienced. “Burn Afresh” is a declaration and a prayer boasting in the relentless love of God and requesting that we be compelled by that love, especially on the days when we don’t “feel” like it. “Lay it Down” is an anthem of surrender and trusting God beyond what we can understand or control. This EP also features a spoken word piece written by Kelley that may easily be one of the best messages I’ve heard when it comes to grief and suffering. I believe this EP is full of honest confessions and hope-filled declarations that every believer can connect to in the various places of life.

We’ve posted charts and lyrics here on the blog for those of you interested in playing these songs in church or for your personal devotion.

So many of you have been supportive of this project on Facebook and twitter! Thank you…thank you…thank you!!! PLEASE CONTINUE TO SPREAD THE WORD! We want these songs to reach as many people as God would have them reach!

If you haven’t already, PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW ON ITUNES, AMAZON, OR GOOGLE PLAY!!! Let people know why they should purchase this record and the impact that it has had on your life.

As I did with “The Rise – EP” release, I wouldn’t be posting anything if it weren’t for the service and sacrifice of so many! Since “The Fall – EP” release is only digital I wanted to make sure I posted the album credits on my blog. Here are some of the amazing people who made this possible!!!

Worship Leader: Jon Owens
Spoken Word: Kelley Owens
BGVs: Lauren Clemons, Shelby Rollins, Tami Monk, Trisha Miller, Isaac Larson, André Clinch
Drums: John Lumpkin II
Electric Guitar: Chris Davis, Brad Charles
Bass: Michael Ferguson
Acoustic Guitar: Lauren Clemons, Chris Davis
Voilin: Naira Cola
Keys: Marcus Douglas, Otto Price III
Loops & Programming: Otto Price, OP3, John Lumpkin II
Additional Vocals: The amazing crowd at Campus Harvest 2014 Jax and Southpoint Community Church YP’s

Executive Producers: Southpoint Community Church, Engage Church Tallahassee, Alethia Church Boston, Jim and Jody Hill, Connia and Darrell Nelson and 270+ backers on Kickstarter!
Produced by Otto Price and Jon Owens
Recorded by Bryan Lenox at Southpoint Community Church in Jacksonville, FL
Additional recording by Kurt Hawthorn at Greater Works, SCC
Additional Audio Support: Chad Swartz, Aaron Hawthorn
Mixed by Bryan Lenox
Mastered by Richard Dodd
Graphic Design: Joshua Jamison
Photography: Jen McDonald (www.jenmphotography.com)
Video Promos: Andrew Cardy
Pastoral Covering: Russ and Debbie Austin



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