Isn’t She Lovely!

April 15, 2011 — 5 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the one and only Aria Joy Owens!!!

A few short months ago when Kelley and I were at the doctor’s office for the much anticipated “is it a boy or girl” visit, I remember looking at the ultrasound, realizing we were having a girl, and saying, “I’m not ready to be mush”. Well, ready or not…mush.

I love my boys!!! I love wrestling with them, dancing with them, kissing them, tickling them till they turn beet red. I feel so honored and excited to train up two young champions that will love God, be great husbands, and great dads (in Jesus name).

That being said, having a girl has CHANGED THE GAME! My life has changed “FOR-E-VER” (in the voice of Squints Palledorous). I don’t think anything has changed me emotionally, spiritually, and mentally like this since I got married.

Of course I’ve been thinking about this quite some time. Ever since we found out we were having a girl people have told me about the differences between having a girl versus boys. Of course there are the basic plumbing differences that you figure out immediately. However, it wasn’t until we named her about 13hrs after she was born that it hit me.

When we arrived at the hospital, we had not yet settled on a name. We had about 3 first names and multiple middle name combinations that we had thrown around a bit for months and finally decided that we were just gonna wait until we could see her to decide. When she arrived in all of her glorious redheaded splendor it stirred up the name pot even more. Even though, my mother and two of my brothers are red heads it never occurred to me that I would be blessed with a sweet little redhead. Either way this new-found glory brought new information to the naming process.

I will save you my “naming a person is a BIG DEAL rant”. The next morning Aria had to make a routine trip to the nursery and I was resolved that this little girl was going to be named when she got back. Kelley and I talked and truly felt a peace that she was to be named Aria Joy.

Aria has two meanings. In its Hebrew origin it means lioness of God and its Italian meaning is sweet melody or song. I couldn’t help but picture this beautiful little girl with a mane of red curls singing sweet songs of joy.

When she came back and I held her in my arms to name her, bless her, and set her in our family the floodgates opened. All of the stories and legends I’d heard about having a little girl came nowhere close to preparing me for the deluge of affection that overwhelmingly streamed down my face in that moment. It wasn’t that I loved her any less the previous 13hrs of her life out of the womb, but something about the act of naming…defining her, changed everything.

For all the “Twilight” series fans out there. It was the closest to “imprinting” that I will probably ever experience. Everything in me was crying…you are my heart…I am your protector. Done.

In a flash I got a peek into the relentless resolve of Christ to endure the most violent of deaths to rescue, revive, and restore those He loved. “For the joy set before Him, Christ endured the cross.”

It was branded in my heart that for Aria Joy, I would endure whatever was required to direct her to the love of her Heavenly Father and represent Him well as His earthly representative and her steward (insert the Fear of God HERE).

I am just 13 days into this new life. As I learned with marriage, everything changes in a moment, but every moment calls me to change.

In the mean time I’m gonna get off this computer and go enjoy my sweet “Ari J”.



5 responses to Isn’t She Lovely!

  1. I am so excited for you all! And Kelley, what is it with you and smiling for pictures 5 minutes after you give birth? (Yes, I am referring to this picture. Yes, I am exaggerating.) You’re making those of us who plan on portraying utter uselessness post-delivery look bad. ; )

    God bless this family, Amen.

  2. Well said. I always thought it was God’s plan that he gave me 2 boys first. “Daddy I have a date tonight with (insert poor male soul’s name). “That’s great baby! It just so happens that so do both of your brothers……to that exact same place at that exact same time!” Fear of God is so true.

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth. Any boy that has the gumption to come over and try to see my little girl will most likely conveniently come over when the boys and I are cleaning our guns on the porch.

  4. War making disciples brother! Words that did not return void.

  5. Oh Jon, that is beautiful! I can’t wait to see that precious one live up to her beautiful God-given name.

    (I am totally WITH you re: the importance of a name!)

    Bless you, Kelley, and the boys!

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