John Lumpkin’s “The Devotion” Speaks Volumes!!!

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One of the things I hope to do more of here at is music reviews. I love music and I love sharing good music with others. I plan on sharing a pretty diverse spread of musical treats because this of course is the raw blend and diversity is the spice of life! I am super stoked to focus this music review on my brother and friend John Lumpkin II.

For John Lumpkin “devotion” is not just an album title, it is a way of life.

File Jun 01, 2 31 43 PMHe is a devoted husband, a devoted father of two gorgeous little girls (possibly my future daughter-in-laws), and a devoted friend. One of my favorite moments with John was an incident that happened a couple years back. I was hosting an event and an artist that John was trying to help out didn’t show. This was the first time I can remember seeing John visibly upset. He walked up to me, looked me dead in my eye, and with utter earnestness said, “Listen, you and me we have relationship and I need you to know that if I tell you I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do it. Because John Lumpkin aint about no BS!”

Not that I didn’t know it before, but from that moment on I knew three things to be undeniably true. Jesus is Lord…Kelley is my wife…and John Lumpkin aint about no BS!

His debut album “The Devotion” is no exception!

From the moment you hear the opening track “The Conqueror” you can tell this cat has something to say and he wants your full and undivided attention! This isn’t a bunch of elevator white noise muzak that you might hear playing when you get put on hold by your cable provider. This music grabs you and takes full advantage of the eclectic musical range of Mr. Lumpkin and his talented supporting cast.

John Lumpkin Cover ArtFrom the swinging rhythms of the track “Revelation” to the entrancing vocal and trumpet featured on the track “Abide”, John engages the ear, heart, and mind of the listener.

The track titles give some context for each song, but the music speaks for itself. One of my personal favorites is the title track “The Devotion” which he wrote for his wife Jessica. From the moment it begins you can feel the deep well of emotion it came from. It’s almost impossible for me to listen to it without my mind beginning to think about what truly matters in life.

This record isn’t just good, it’s anointed.

For some of you that may not mean much, but whether you agree with the spiritual place his writing comes from or not, this music doesn’t just sound good it feels good and leaves you feeling better for having listed to it.

“The Devotion” is available now at iTunes,
Amazon, and other online distributers.

For more information about John Lumpkin check out his website at and come listen to him live at the RawBlend Conference as he will be a featured musician in addition to hosting a drum clinic.



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