“Look At Me Now” (Mom Edition) – Video and Lyrics

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WE’VE BEEN SO EXCITED to receive such great feedback from our “LOOK AT ME NOW (MOM EDITION)” parody!!! Kelley and I so wanted this video to get out and encourage all the #freshlittlemoms (aka ALL MOMS) in their daily grind, stewardship, and joy! This video is a parody of a “cleaned up version” performed and produced by a duo called Karmin of the Chris Brown song “Look At Me Now”. Their cover was an instant internet sensation with over 64 million views. We hope we can encourage as many mothers out there with our take on the song. This week I’ll be blogging about the amazing moms in my life, but for now here is the music video. If you’re a mom BE ENCOURAGED. If you have a mom PLEASE SHARE THIS AND ENCOURAGE YOUR MOM. Also, due to many requests, I am including the lyrics below. Peace.

Little baby doll

Little bottle sippin

Yellow toy truck

Little socks missin

Yup Yup

This stuff is hard, I should be gettin’ paid

I get only 30 minutes sleep in 2 days


Starbucks loves me, I’m on that latte

If you get what I get what would you say

We wax it on and off, Mr. Miyagi

All them smudges on the door, no match for Mommy


Look at me now, Look at me now

Oh, I’m havin’ babies

Look at me now

Oh, look at me now

Yeah, fresh little mom – what?


Lil chilluns feelin like gorillas

Cause they really never chillin

But they try’na jump on my couch

Better grab your lego if you want it

I can’t get it if it accidentally slip and fall in that crack

Oops, it fell in that crack?

You know I told you about that crack

But since it went and fell in that crack

Might as well go’an say bye to that

I’m done… no really though, I’m NEVER done


Let’s gooooo


Cause I feel like I’m running

And I’m feeling like I gotta get away, get away, get away

Better know that I don’t and I won’t ever stop

Cause you know I gotta win everyday day

So its time to pour another coffee

Just know that you will never stop me

And I know that I can be a little bossy, Oh

You aint never wanna cross me


Everytime I do the laundry gotta set it then I got it going

then I gotta get it, then I gotta fold, and then I gotta put up every little thing

this mama think that she be doing cause it doesn’t matter cause I’m hearin’ mamamama


Then I get to cookin everything and anything a badaboom a badabing

I gotta do a lot of things and make it clearer to a couple kiddos

that they cannot watch Yo Gabba Gabba again and again and again


And I be losin’ all my breath, I be playin’ hide and seek

I be cleanin’ up a mess

Everybody know my style, kiddos know that I’m the best

When it come to doing this and I be banging on my chest

And I bang in the east and I’m bangin’ in the west

And I come to give you more and I will never give you less

You will hear it in the street or you can read it in the press

Do you really wanna know what’s next


In the swagga wagon now we all up in the race

And you know we gotta go don’t try to keep up with the pace

We shuttling and hustling to soccer then piano then

My toddler’s gotta pee and now we need a potty break

Gotta make it, nothin’ to catch it

So I gotta cut through all this traffic

Just to get the little prince to his throne

Better know I gotta have it


Look at me now, Look at me now

Oh, I’m changing diapers

Look at me now

Oh, look at me now

Yeah, fresh little mom – what?


Man forget these haters

What y’all doin’, stop arguin’, quit that goofin’, don’t say stupid

Mama ain’t raisin’ the 3 stooges

You got 5 seconds to clean this up

No refusin’ and no excusin’

Then you can watch a movie, in the play roomy, drink some juicy


I never thought I’d be an educator

Got phonics on the radar, sleep serenader,

Got a disagreement? I’m your chief mediator

If you wanna eat? I am your waiter


We got no food, head to Chick-fil-a

It’s Tuesday night, I’m like hooray

Cause that’s what it say, free for the child

This place is wild like Cirque Du Soleil


That’s word to the moms, the queens I said

If you outta of your head, or feel outta your mind, on the bottom sometimes

You ain’t wastin your time, nope, and not one dime, doin’ just fine

Its worth the climb, and the grind, even when they trip and forget you’ll find

You got lil champions in your line, these kiddos as sweet as pumpkin pie


So rock it right on a family night

With coke and sprite and a pizza bite

And I cuddle tight, I snuggle tight

I kiss goodnight and I’m almost done

Yo don’t be scared cause I’m here child, be here for awhile

Lets see that smile, then I sit down and hang with my honey

You got eyes, look at me now


Look at me now, Look at me now

Oh, I’m chasing toddlers

Look at me now

Oh, look at me now

Yeah, fresh little mom – what?



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