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As previously mentioned, I am very excited about Campus Harvest in Jacksonville this weekend. Two of the reasons I am particularly pumped about this year are JohnnySwim and Rhema Soul. Both of these musical groups have been taking their musical scenes by storm and doing so for the glory of God. Over the next two days I’m gonna give you a glimpse of what you can look forward to.

First off, JohnnySwim.

JohnnySwimJohnnySwim is comprised of the amazing husband and wife duo, Abner and Amanda Ramirez. I first had the priviledge of connecting with Abner, a Jacksonville native, several years back in Nashville, TN. He had moved to Nashville pursuing music, while God was really pursuing him. As you would imagine, God got His man. For a season of my time in Nashville we lived in the same house and I got to watch God working in and through him first hand. Then God really rocked his world by blessing him with his amazing wife Amanda.

The two of them have a sound together that I quite frankly find unfair (I’m still processing my covetousness). However, the sound they bring is so much deeper than the music itself. There is a purity of heart and a richness of soul that comes across in each vocal phrase. Though many of their original songs would most likely be considered “mainstream”, their music carries the life of God all over it.

I’m excited to say that this weekend JohnnySwim will be playing at our after party, speaking on our panel of creatives for the seminar “Guerrilla Artistry”, as well as joining our worship team throughout the weekend.

Enjoy this video of their song “Hallelujah”.



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