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New is a beautifully terrifying site to behold. Filled with equal parts excitement, anticipation, and mystery. No matter how many people have experienced new before, it will hit you like none other…because they are not you; therefore, you make it…new.

{…ALL things…}

I have recently moved to a new city, for a new job, at a new church, to bring new direction to a worship team, and develop a new training program. I’m unpacking in a new house, in a new neighborhood, with new neighbors, a new yard to resurrect from the dead, and a new cable TV monopoly…DARN YOU TED TURNER!!! I feel like I’m entering a new phase of being a husband to my hot wife, a father to my cool kids, and a son to my Heavenly Father who graciously grants me mercies new on the daily and branded this whole “new” thing to begin with.

{…are MADE…}

New comes without an invitation, but does not wait around for approval. New is never complacent and always on the move. Therefore, if I desire to stay in its company I too must be “made” new. Bluntly put…I must change.  Fortunately Christ, who is ever constant, specializes in change. It is only His skillful hand that can make me into the new I need to be for the new joys, new journeys, and new challenges that wait. If fact, I’m learning more and more that new challenges are one of His favorite tools.

Next time we are rebuking our circumstances it would serve us well to remember God is more interested in seeing us change than in changing our circumstances. Like they say, “if it was easy everyone would be doing it”, but it’s not. Sometimes the comfort and familiarity of the old can seem so much more appealing when counting the cost of new. It’s the comfort of the old that caused the Israelites to reminisce about the good ole days of slavery while on the road to the Promised Land.

Though change can be a lot of work, I’m finding it’s a lot more about surrender than sweat. Change requires surrendering to the only manufacturer, who can eternally stand by His work. If you cut corners and avoid the process of change you will be left with a cheap imitation at best…which if you’re talking about a purse for your wife may not be too bad, but if you’re talking about character and integrity while your wife is away could be another conversation.

Whatever the cost, it is worth it. There is a high that comes from “new” that is sometimes hard to quantify, but is augmented when the price paid is realized. As excited as I am for this “new” season of life and ministry, I appreciate it at a whole different level when I recognized all God has done over the last 6yrs to prepare me for this time.

I will inevitably become more familiar with my “new” city, neighborhood, church, life, family, and God. However, I pray my passion to love, my hunger to grow, and my desperation to know Christ and His purposes stay fresh, alive, vibrant, and…




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  1. Beautiful. Worth the wait. 🙂

  2. Very relational for me right now. Great post Jon!

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