Protecting Your Privates

May 14, 2015 — 4 Comments

There are certain things in life that should not be touched.

Especially by nobody other than your spouse. Yes, you may have to “adjust” it from time to time, but then again…you really shouldn’t be playing around with it anyway.

Some like to refer to it as their “secret place”, but whatever you like to call it, it must be protected. I’m talking about your “private” times with Jesus.

Of course..

So much time and money is spent on us presenting ourselves well publicly. This isn’t necesarrily a bad thing. It just is what it is. It’s a good thing to shower, wear deoderant, and brush your teeth!

As an old man with little regard for being politcally correct once said, “if the barn needs painting…paint it” (that is of course unless you’re not going for the whole make-up thing…but whatever…do you boo boo)!

The bottom line is this, we daily invest time, energy, and cost into being publicly presentable while we often neglect, cancel, and even avoid spending time with God, who is the “Sustainer of Life”.

Our souls may be a hot mess, but we look FABULOUS!

As a sports fan and someone who is fascinated with processes, I really find the pre-game rituals of players intriguing. Some have certain lucky socks they like to wear. Some have a certain meal they like to eat every time. Some of them have a certain handshake they do with the equipment manager, teammate, or a host of teammates (as seen by the Lebron James video below)

One of my favorite pre-game rituals, as a young Pacer fan, was watching Reggie Miller and Haywood Workman
put on a display of choreography, in the “Flo Jo” unis, that would make the original MJ proud! It was quite a thing to behold; however, it’s effecttiveness was far more superstisious than substance.

No matter how extravegant or meticulously choreographed the pre-game rituals, or how fresh the uniforms and sneakers, the true power and preparation needed for these athletes to accomplish their mission took place throughout the week, when the bright lights were off and the world wasn’t watching.

As a worship leader I have my own “pre-game” rituals. I like to prep my Sunday “uni” on Saturday night. Press my pants and shirt, lay out my sneaks, and select the right watch to go with the scarf (don’t judge the scarf). I do this on Saturday just incase my alarm “doesn’t go off” on Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning I get fresh and clean and then I make sure I have 2 bottles of water, a couple packs of Throat Coat tea, and my professional grade Singer’s Saving Grace vocal spray before I walk out the door.

I get in the car, do my Singing Success morning vocal warm-up and review the set list for that morning on the way to church via the PCO mobile app. Once I arrive at church, I get monitor pack 2, mic 2, and recall setting #7 on the Aviom. I’m ready to go.

All of those things aid me in my public presentation. They aid my public performance. However, my POWER flows out of my time in the presence of God in private through out the week. Let me say it like this.

Our public power is proportionate to our private posture.

No matter how much we may assume a posture of worship on a public platform, if we don’t daily posture our hearts, minds, and actions in surrender to God in private, we short change ourselves on the very grace, love, and power we call people to experience each week and decieve ourselves by being satisfied by the illusion of fruitfulness.

Next week I will lay out what I believe are great ways to protect AND cultivate powerful times of daily communion with God. Until then, I leave you with this question.

What are some of the greatest violators to your private times with Jesus?



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  1. Whoa, great article Jon!!! Please keep them coming!

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  3. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Deborah Coates May 15, 2015 at 11:06 pm

    O’ Yes! My new fav “5P” Quote….

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