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The Set – 04/17/11

April 14, 2011 — 2 Comments

Well, after Campus Harvest and having a new baby, I’m jumping back into a blog flow. Here is the set list for this weekends worship service at KPIC.

The Set – 04/17/11

There you go peoples. To all my KPIC fam…you have been given a 2 day head start on Sunday morning worship. Take advantage of this. Let’s come in with singing!


The Set

February 4, 2011 — 4 Comments

Each week I’m going to post the set list for our Sunday worship services. The hope is that in doing so:

  1. Our local congregation at KPIC can get a head start on preparing their offerings of thanksgiving and praise.
  2. Our local congregation can know more information about the songs and what recording they can find them on.
  3. Those that read this blog can perhaps be introduced to different songs or combinations or songs. I’m all about gleaning and exchanging ideas with other worship leaders.

So here is the first…

The Set 02/06/11:

So what are you doing in your church this weekend?