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Here are some of my thoughts shared on Twitter this morning. I thought it would be easier to post them together and I’ve expanded on some of the ideas.

I too mourn for the Martin family and desire justice. Having lost a daughter of my own, I understand that the pain of losing a child is like no other pain in this world. Immediately after singing a painful chorus of “WHYYYYY”, the next question is often “WHOSE FAULT is it and WHY are THEY still BREATHING”? “Justice” is the cry…a deep painfully numbing cry.

I pray that the truth is fully revealed about the Trayvon Martin case and that “justice” is served, but the outcry is about far more than a mother losing her son. Whether someone is charged or not, gapings holes of unforgiveness, bitterness, mistrust, and anger have been exposed for all to see.

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Greetings family! Here is the set for this Easter weekend. KPIC folk please check these tunes out before Sunday and come with a heart full of offerings to lavishly pour out to our RISEN KING!!!

The Set 4/24/11 – Easter Sunday