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IT’S GOING DOWN…TONIGHT!!! Campus Harvest Southeast is kicking off tonight in Jacksonville, FL!!! The team at Southpoint Community Church and Campus Harvest team have been working tirelessly to prepare for the students that will arrive tonight for this amazing encounter. Yesterday the regional worship team arrived and rehearsed most of the day…the atmosphere is being set.

Again, if you haven’t registered or you’re still on the fence, in the words of James Brown, you need to “GET UP OFF OF THAT THANG”…and COME!

One of the great reasons to come is RHEMA SOUL!

juanlove, Butta P., K-Nuff

juanlove, Butta P., K-Nuff

Rhema Soul is a next level hip hop trio comprised of “juanlove”, “Butta P”, and “K-Nuff”; based out of South Florida but making waves nationally and across the globe. They come with a perfect blend of heart provoking life challenging lyrics, hot beats, and memorable hooks that will make you wanna sing em over and over again (especially if you have a 5 and 3yr old that are addicted to them).

With a combination of creativity, fearless artistry, relentless hustle, and the favor of God they have steadily risen above the crowded atmosphere of MC’s into a class of their own.

Not only will they be performing LIVE TONIGHT at the Campus Harvest after party but they will also join our “Guerrilla Artistry” panel discussion where we’ll discuss the use of creativity for Kingdom impact and cultural change.

Check out this video from Rhema Soul and make sure you come out!!!


WE’VE BEEN SO EXCITED to receive such great feedback from our “LOOK AT ME NOW (MOM EDITION)” parody!!! Kelley and I so wanted this video to get out and encourage all the #freshlittlemoms (aka ALL MOMS) in their daily grind, stewardship, and joy! This video is a parody of a “cleaned up version” performed and produced by a duo called Karmin of the Chris Brown song “Look At Me Now”. Their cover was an instant internet sensation with over 64 million views. We hope we can encourage as many mothers out there with our take on the song. This week I’ll be blogging about the amazing moms in my life, but for now here is the music video. If you’re a mom BE ENCOURAGED. If you have a mom PLEASE SHARE THIS AND ENCOURAGE YOUR MOM. Also, due to many requests, I am including the lyrics below. Peace.

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April 18, 2011 — 2 Comments

What it do peeps?! I hope you had an awesome weekend. It MUSIC MONDAY!!! In light of Easter Sunday I felt it would be appropriate to have a music video that would help recalibrate the soul. K-Beats, Ben Brantley, and DJ Kenobi bring it home with this “mind elevating” master mix.

Peace…I’m out.

music monday…kinda.

February 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

Listen, I know this is Tuesday, but in the spirit of trying to create some consistency I am getting this out now. Also, I’ve decided to label this post “music mondays” instead of “new music mondays” because sometimes “new” can be a relative term. I plan on showcasing music that is inspiring me  at the time be it hot off the presses or a timeless classic.

That being said, onto today’s feature.

For those familiar with the Christian hip-hop world, the mention of Lecrae typically garners “download NOW” status. His recent release “Rehab: The Overdose” is no exception. The track that has had me going all week is “Battle Song” featuring Suzy Rock. It’s starts off by sampling none other than Freddie Mercury from Queen of all people, so you know it’s gonna kick tail. Once the beats drops it stirs something up on the inside that is true to its title. Lecrae’s lyrical delivery is on point as usual and Suzy Rock’s verse is vicious.

Whether you are looking for a song to get you ready to take on your daily spiritual battles, “hour of power” on the elliptical (also a spiritual battle), or give your week a throat chop and crotch kick, “Battle Song” is your track.