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Wow…what an incredible time in Austin, TX. Once again God did that whole “let me draw you in with my loving kindness, redeem & transform you by the power of My Son, and empower you to change the world by My Spirit” thing. It was awesome to watch God moving on students from all over the great Republic of Texas.

As always, it was a blast getting to work with the regional worship team made up of worship leaders and musicians from Austin, Abilene, San Marcos, Dallas, Longview, and Midland. We had a blast worshipping together as well as writing perhaps the greatest personal theme song ever for one of our beloved members (video on that later). 

With worship being such an integral part of Campus Harvest let alone LIFE, I wanted to post the song pool that we used for the L.A., Jax, and Austin conferences so that those who attended could go get these amazing songs and get started on their worship library or add them to an already existing one.


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This is a special weekend at King’s Park. Not only are we rejoicing with the high school seniors who are graduating and heading off to a great new adventure and phase of life; we are celebrating Pentecost Sunday with our annual “CELEBRATE THE NATIONS” Sunday. Being that King’s Park IS an international church, each week is essentially a celebration of the nations.

It is important we don’t take such a beautiful gift for granted; taking time to recognize the beautiful work of diversity God has orchestrated at KPIC in The Triangle. Come let us worship in unity as we celebrate our diversity this week at King’s Park.

THE SET – 06/09/11





The Set

February 4, 2011 — 4 Comments

Each week I’m going to post the set list for our Sunday worship services. The hope is that in doing so:

  1. Our local congregation at KPIC can get a head start on preparing their offerings of thanksgiving and praise.
  2. Our local congregation can know more information about the songs and what recording they can find them on.
  3. Those that read this blog can perhaps be introduced to different songs or combinations or songs. I’m all about gleaning and exchanging ideas with other worship leaders.

So here is the first…

The Set 02/06/11:

So what are you doing in your church this weekend?