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CH LA 2013

Three years ago, when I started writing the song “We Cry Holy”, I was deeply moved by the “call of Isaiah” found in Isaiah 6:1-8. This amazing encounter with God forever changed Isaiah in person and purpose. I wanted to write a song that would cause people to be in awe of a Holy King, be changed by a redeeming Savior, and be commissioned by the Risen Lord.

I had written the chorus, verse 1, and a bridge at first. It worked and definitely had some cool moments, but I did not feel like it was complete. After I would play it, Kelley and I would often look at each other and think, “it’s not quite finished”. Continue Reading…

CH Cap

 “The Rise” & “The Fall” Kickstarter campaign was incredible!!! We’ve had so many people show love on Facebook and Twitter. That has resulted in almost 300 people backing this project!!!

Without amazing backers who support this project, it doesn’t happen.

Each and every one of you are helping us bring songs of healing, hope, redemption, and resurrection power to all who would hear! Please continue to get the word out as we look to reach the $40,000 goal.

To ALL of our backers we say…THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU!!!

To all who would read this and want to join this UH-MAZING TEAM in bringing “The Rise” & “The Fall” to life —–>>> CLICK HERE!!!

skinny rise and fall






01. Kent & Brynn Wade
02. Michael & Jennifer Sabot
03. Sam & Natalie Febres
04. Isaac & Sherry Larson
05. Rebecca Owens
06. Denise Howell
07. Kathy Lee
08. Jay Kim
09. Matt & Adrien Johnson
10. Derrick & Beth Hayes
11. Elizabeth Jullien
12. Caroline McCain
13. Bradley & Jennifer York
14. Rebecca Hill
15. Peter & Alisa Dusan
16. Chris & Sheila Davis
17. William Basom
18. Raquel Dorshkind
19. Amy Behrends
20. Mike & Jenny Longenecker
21. Tanner & Shelby Rollins
22. Brittanie Howard
23. Kristen Hill
24. Lee & Jan Amos
25. Christopher Collins
26. Carol Lightfoot
27. Jason & Tara Kerley
28. Kayla Gay
29. Nick & Amber Wright
30. Clarence Hogan
31. Erich & Amy Smith
32. Precious Jones
33. Bryan ‘BG’ Grant
34. Joshua Burrows
35. Stephanie Broom
36. Amanda Gwin
37. Ron & Cindy Miller
38. Elizer Navarro
39. Melissa Gillespie
40. Kirk & Kellee Metty
41. Caitlin Summers
42. Jennifer McDonald
43. Joe Schmidt
44. Jordan & Kyera York
45. Chris & Annie Wade
46. Jason & Olivia Staggers
47. Martha Middleton
48. Lauren Clemons
49. Branden & Courtnee Murphy
50. Judah & Callie Owens (GO COLTS!!!)
51. Elizabeth Broocks
52. Lindsey Courson
53. Holly Rentz
54. Chris and Kacee Pate
55. Kyle Dixon
56. Chris & Merin Graves
57. Leigh Burgin
58. Tony & Amanda Strieter
59. Becky Rees
60. Anne Elliott
61. Donny & Janna Fisher
62. Samantha DeMartine
63. Jeremy & Hannah Bader
64. Kristin Aringdale
65. Erica Richey
66. David (some people just don’t need a last name)
67. Andrew McGraw
68. David & Hope Darst
69. Kellen & Jasmine Shervington
70. Scooter & Emily Sheldon
71. Ryan & Christy Corrigan
72. John & Sheryl Paxton
73. Craig & Lynn Erhorn
74. Leisha Cowart (Go Noles!)
75. Shaun & Mary Ortman
76. Jay & Jennifer Posey
77. King’s Park International Church
78. Eric & Adena Syfrett
79. Ciro & Ann Lopez
80. Joshua & Lindsay Jamison
81. Colleen McClure
82. Elizabeth Bennett
83. Ryan Daly
84. Mary Mangan
85. Jason & Sarah Miles
86. Lexie Mackey
87. Marisa Abell
88. Neal & Jessica Schultz
89. Betsega Bekele
90. Tanner & Kacey Shetler
91. Jordan & Teri Burrus
92. Jeremy & Cassie Corbett
93. Dr. Stephen & Jeanne Pinkston
94. Christian Wisseh Jr.
95. Elizabeth McRoberts
96. Trey & Kristin Rollins
97. Sterling Alexander Brown
98. Carlos & Lauren Fabregas
99. Josh & Missie Hawkins
100. Stacy MacLean
101. Josh Lai
102. Ugonna Iroku
103. Catherine
104. Amanda Adams
105. Tony & Juliette Hill
106. Trisha Miller
107. Elizabeth
108. Gary Duerr
109. Michelle Crowder
110. Scott & Kristina Ettaro
111. Sarah
112. Kayla Scott
113. Ross & Amy Middleton
114. David Owens
115. Mason and Katie Simmons
116. André Clinch
117. Tyler Snelson
118. Dan ?
119. Greg and Suzanne Tipton
120. Jason Bryant
121. Jim & Jody Hill
122. Brenda Walls
123. Roger and Rita Ledlow
124. Lindsey Edge
125. Engage Church Tallahassee
126. Todd and Karen Hornsby
127. Misty Bowie
128. Kenisha Gore
129. Edward Jones II
130. Linda Watson
131. Naomi ?
132. Ashley Marsh
133. John and Jessica Lumpkin
134. Helen Barker
135. Chris and Anita Rix
136. Sara Faison
137. Leslie Gonzales
138. Melanie ?
139. Dave and Katie Hess
140. Dena Karlin
141. Janet Gama
142. Adria Heimburger
143. Amber ?
144. Nathaniel and Marianne Eicholz
145. Janice Takano
146. Fred and Teresa Knight
147. John and Jenny Pipkin
148. Cason McMillan
149. Andy and Amy King
150. Chris and Erin Brewer
151. Russ and Debbie Austin
152. Marcus and Tammie Thomas
153. Mike and Betsy Herman
154. Kyle and Nancy Floyd
155. Sonyia Turner
156. Joel Hansen
157. Mike?
158. Patience Coleman
159. Kendall Taylor
160. Trevor Phillips
161. Robert and Danielle Ellis
162. Amanda Barker
163. Luke and Christa Gifford
164. Sam and Jennifer Wheelling
165. Jessica Knight
166. Joe Carey
167. Clayton and Kelly Bell
168. Amber Goodman
169. Eric and Leala Moen
170. Greg Wilkes
171. Robin Frazier
172. Kathy Wilkins
173. John and Liz Doster
174. Sabrina Roc
175. Laine Matolka
176. Layne and Christina Herdt
177. Dennis and Rexann Herrick
178. Aletheia Church
179. Lesley Green
180. Daryl and Connia Nelson
181. Erika Scholl
182. Ryan and Rachel Flemming
183. Roy Dynesius
184. Lanita Goins
185. Brad and Alicia Eatherly
186. Jillina Cabaness
187. Shane and Angela Nasby
188. David Moscrip
189. Meghan DeChard
190. Sundy Goodnight
191. Hilary Armstrong
192. Richard Brown
193. Baiyina Atkinson
194. Dorothy Bradbury
195. Billy and Naomi Lile
196. Lindsey Perkin
197. Devin Alipio
198. Kalae George
199. Morgan and Loretta Bates
200. Norm and Cindi Mackey
201. Jesse Wilson and Amanda
202. Jaz and Anna Boon
203. Jacki Wielkopolska
204. Lynn Yara
205. Olgar Milford
206. Jonathan and Kristy Houston
207. Abdaly Nieves
208. Rebecca Covington
209. Jeremy and Elizabeth Moore
210. Jamie Adams
211. Nate and Bethany Moore
212. Glendo and Laurel Grider
213. Melissa Ann
214. Timothy and Susan Swett
215. Madison McDaniel
216. Matt and Hilary Barnett
217. Eve Fairchild
218. Cam Tucker
219. Melanie Davis
220. Nathan and Ailsa Lewis
221. Southpoint Community Church
222. Eric and Emily Harrison
223. Bella Chung
224. Rachel Keith
225. J.P. and Kristen Hunter
226. Andy and Jessie Green
227. Alison Hunt
228. Chris and Katie Perrin
229. Elizabeth Kiess
230. Chris and Anna Berg
231. Daniella Castillo
232. Hannah Gregory
233. Mallory Williams
234. Kristin Pitney
235. Esther Oh
236. Kyle Johnson
237. Anita Bonsi
238. Amy Cox
239. Renee Hall
240. Sterling and Myssi Brown
241. Heather Allen
242. Elissa Luevano
243. Linda Ashe
244. Rachel Camilo
245. Kevin and Erica Womble
246. Greg Akinbiyi
247. Steven Brown
248. Paula Alvarez
249. Keandra Ewing
250. Matthew and Elizabeth Jones
251. Angela Reuter
252. Loralee Emperador
253. Duane Wood
254. Josh and Kimberly Menken
255. Dave and Christa Plettl
256. Francis Rigor
257. Emmanuel Thompson
258. Mary Dunn
259. David Iya
260. Mike and Julie Zimmerman
261. Casey and Kristen Sheffield
262. Ian and Lauren Gilbert
263. TaJuan Griffin
264. Wes and Callie Strunk
265. Andrew Cardy
266. Stacy Carmichael
267. Yvonne Craig
268. Justin and Allison Denton
269. Marta Pelfrey
270. Renee and Lindsay Crowe
271. Larry and Doris Tomczak
272. Karla and Jim Hammer
273. Price and Stacey Watkins
274. Jim Stone




January 1, 2014 — Leave a comment

Today we have launched a campaign on Kickstarter to release not 1 but 2 worship EP’s in 2014 this year!!! This 2 EP project is titled “The Rise” and “The Fall”.

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September 28, 2013 — 27 Comments


I had pictured it in my mind a thousand times.

I would wake with a lump in my throat, happy that she had finally found “the one”, and broken hearted that my little redheaded angel, lovingly known as “sister”, would no longer be found in the crib but all grow’d up, in the arms of her love.

I would spend the day reminiscing of times when she was a baby. I would think about when we brought her home, the look on her brothers faces when they first laid eyes on her, and the many family trips we took together. I would be overwhelmed with emotion and probably be a crying mess, because that’s what having a little girl had done to me.

I would shake a little as I put on my tuxedo. I would rehearse the steps for the father/daughter dance in my mind. I would be left breathless when seeing her in her wedding gown for the first time. I would savor every measured step, with her hand in mine, as we walked down the aisle.

Her groom had come; it would be time to give her away.

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As I was going through videos and pictures from the previous Every Nation World Conferences I have attended I found this little gem. This was just a small piece of an amazing performance put on by the New Zealand delegation at the EN2010 World Conference in Manila.

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July 25, 2013 — 2 Comments



For the last several months I’ve been a part of an amazing team dreaming, planning, and executing Every Nation’s World Conference, themed GO! After many meetings, conference calls, songs selections, and more song selections, it’s finally GO time! The GO Conference marks the ceremonial 20th anniversary celebration of Every Nation Ministries.  An EN World Con only comes around every 3 years, but when it does there is nothing quite like it!

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March 12, 2013 — 3 Comments


As an IU fan, Sundays epic battle between two B1G monsters in Indiana and Michigan, was UH-MAZING! Not to mention the heart gripping ending and the conference championship implications.

When that ball aka “The Rock” fell off of the rim, after having hung there for what seem like forever, I jumped, screaming, and lost all regard for whether a baby was asleep in my house or not (thankfully none were). However, when I saw the flood of emotion that came over Victor Oladipo and the amazing shot of Tom Crean sharing that moment with his shooting star of a guard, I thought…this is why I love sports and specifically college basketball. The PASSION that streamed down their faces screamed to everyone watching…this matters…we care.

As a fan, the win gives me bragging rights, makes me want to spend some money on IU gear for me and the boys (Kelley is from Lexington, KY and bleeds UK blue so I have given up her allegiance), and puts me in a good mood for the rest of the afternoon.

For Tom Crean and that IU basketball team, it “mattered” beyond what any casual observer, band wagon fan, or even the most dedicated alum could ever understand.

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