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A Song for Our Song

April 2, 2012 — 9 Comments


Today we celebrate the 1yr birthday of our precious Aria Joy, as she now celebrates in the presence of her Heavenly Father. One of the main ways God has comforted us through Aria’s departure from earth has been through song; which is fitting that her name means “beautiful melody of joy”.

We could think of no better way to honor “our sweet song” than to share a song God has inspired us to write out of this season of grief, longing, and awe of the grace, love, and majesty of God.

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Here are some of my thoughts shared on Twitter this morning. I thought it would be easier to post them together and I’ve expanded on some of the ideas.

I too mourn for the Martin family and desire justice. Having lost a daughter of my own, I understand that the pain of losing a child is like no other pain in this world. Immediately after singing a painful chorus of “WHYYYYY”, the next question is often “WHOSE FAULT is it and WHY are THEY still BREATHING”? “Justice” is the cry…a deep painfully numbing cry.

I pray that the truth is fully revealed about the Trayvon Martin case and that “justice” is served, but the outcry is about far more than a mother losing her son. Whether someone is charged or not, gapings holes of unforgiveness, bitterness, mistrust, and anger have been exposed for all to see.

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This is a special weekend at King’s Park. Not only are we rejoicing with the high school seniors who are graduating and heading off to a great new adventure and phase of life; we are celebrating Pentecost Sunday with our annual “CELEBRATE THE NATIONS” Sunday. Being that King’s Park IS an international church, each week is essentially a celebration of the nations.

It is important we don’t take such a beautiful gift for granted; taking time to recognize the beautiful work of diversity God has orchestrated at KPIC in The Triangle. Come let us worship in unity as we celebrate our diversity this week at King’s Park.

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