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This is a special weekend at King’s Park. Not only are we rejoicing with the high school seniors who are graduating and heading off to a great new adventure and phase of life;¬†we are celebrating Pentecost Sunday with our annual “CELEBRATE THE NATIONS” Sunday. Being that King’s Park IS an international church, each week is essentially a celebration of the nations.

It is important we don’t take such a beautiful gift for granted; taking time to recognize the beautiful work of diversity God has orchestrated at KPIC in The Triangle. Come let us worship in unity as we celebrate our diversity this week at King’s Park.

THE SET – 06/09/11





The Set 05/21/11

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The Set – 05/21/11

If you’re a worship leader out there…what are YOU doin’ this weekend?

Greetings family! Here is the set for this Easter weekend. KPIC folk please check these tunes out before Sunday and come with a heart full of offerings to lavishly pour out to our RISEN KING!!!

The Set 4/24/11 – Easter Sunday


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What it do peeps?! I hope you had an awesome weekend. It MUSIC MONDAY!!! In light of Easter Sunday I felt it would be appropriate to have a music video that would help recalibrate the soul. K-Beats, Ben Brantley, and DJ Kenobi bring it home with this “mind elevating” master mix.

Peace…I’m out.

The Set – 04/17/11

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Well, after Campus Harvest and having a new baby, I’m jumping back into a blog flow. Here is the set list for this weekends worship service at KPIC.

The Set – 04/17/11

There you go peoples. To all my KPIC fam…you have been given a 2 day head start on Sunday morning worship. Take advantage of this. Let’s come in with singing!


The Set

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Here we go. The weekly set list update. This week our local congregation at KPIC is in for a blessing as Becca Hill will be leading our worship team this Sunday. Also, I want to remind our local crew, “The Set” is not just a sneak peek but an opportunity to “prepare your sacrifice”. How awesome would it be for ALL of our members to walk in the doors full of faith, expectation, and ready to present our offerings of praise rather than waiting to get warmed up for 10min (after we show up 10min late).


The Set: 02/20/2011

  • I Will Worship (Remix) – written by Kevin Singleton & Jayme Braun – arranged by Jon Owens – original¬†version on “Alone With You” album.
  • Mighty to Save – written by Ben Fielding & Reuben Morgan – Mighty To Save (Live)
  • You Are For Me – written and performed by Kari Jobe – Kari Jobe (self-titled album)
  • Love Is More – written by TWG – performed by Kevin Singleton – Live At The Lambs Theater

The Set/Music Monday Smashup!

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What’s up?! Being that I did not post last week’s edition of “The Set” I thought I would do a smashup today! It works out perfectly because our offering special yesterday was going to be my featured song for this wonderful Valentine’s Day! Here’s the set:

THE SET: 02/13/11

“Divine Romance” is my song of the day; therefore, here is YouTube clip of the singer/songwriter himself playing it. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!