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January 30, 2014 — Leave a comment

20140130-150853.jpgWhat’s good?! We are so thrilled to see how many amazing people have backed our worship project!!! A couple weeks ago we got to introduce one of the new songs from “The Fall” EP at church and the response was incredible! We are convinced more than ever that God is going to use these songs in an amazing way!

As we move closer to our KICKSTARTER deadline I wanted to communicate more of the vision and expectation behind “The Rise” & “The Fall”. The video below offers a look into part 1 of the 2 EP project, “The Rise”.

Please check it out and join us in making this project a reality!


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Wow…what an incredible time in Austin, TX. Once again God did that whole “let me draw you in with my loving kindness, redeem & transform you by the power of My Son, and empower you to change the world by My Spirit” thing. It was awesome to watch God moving on students from all over the great Republic of Texas.

As always, it was a blast getting to work with the regional worship team made up of worship leaders and musicians from Austin, Abilene, San Marcos, Dallas, Longview, and Midland. We had a blast worshipping together as well as writing perhaps the greatest personal theme song ever for one of our beloved members (video on that later). 

With worship being such an integral part of Campus Harvest let alone LIFE, I wanted to post the song pool that we used for the L.A., Jax, and Austin conferences so that those who attended could go get these amazing songs and get started on their worship library or add them to an already existing one.


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Brotherly LOVE

March 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

Had to put on my big brother hat and show some love to my little bro Judah. He recently started singing on the praise team at Heartland Church in Indianapolis, IN. By the musical direction of Joel Lopez, some of the worship team recorded their own mash-up of Ne-Yo’s “Let Me Love You” and Justin Beiber’s “As Long As You Love Me” as a means of connecting with people outside the walls of the church. 

My brother is the red headed light skinned legend (LSL) with the buttery smooth vocal on the chorus and 2nd verse. He is one of the 6 amazing siblings I’ve been blessed with.

Here is the video…enjoy.

Produced and Arranged by: Joel Lopez, Worship Director at Heartland Church

Featuring: Jordan Applegate, Judah Owens, Mesie Augustine, and fellow LSL brother Jonathan Tapp on vocals; Jacob Brown on guitar; Joel Lopez on keys.



For the first time ever, Campus Harvest is coming to Jacksonville, FL…THIS WEEKEND!!! Students from all over the Southeast region will be gathering at Southpoint Community Church to encounter God and be forever changed. For over 20yrs Campus Harvest has served as a catalyst for transformation in the hearts of students all over the world and this year will be no exception! Already this year Campus Harvest has hosted student conferences in Calgary, Los Angeles, and Durham, NC.

I’ve had the joy of being a part of the Campus Harvest team for the last 12yrs, but every year I am reminded about the first time I attended. In 2001, I was invited to attended Campus Harvest by a friend of mine from our local church dance team who refused to take no for an answer. I was reluctant to come because I knew God was drawing me in and wanting to speak to me, but I had become quite comfortable playing the role of Jonah and pretending not to care.

I boarded the white 15 passenger van intentionally sitting shotgun because I didn’t want to have to talk to the “happy christian white kids in the back”. I now realize that the opposition and resistance I was feeling was the reeling of every oppressive circumstance and influencing lie that knew the end was coming for them.

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WE’VE BEEN SO EXCITED to receive such great feedback from our “LOOK AT ME NOW (MOM EDITION)” parody!!! Kelley and I so wanted this video to get out and encourage all the #freshlittlemoms (aka ALL MOMS) in their daily grind, stewardship, and joy! This video is a parody of a “cleaned up version” performed and produced by a duo called Karmin of the Chris Brown song “Look At Me Now”. Their cover was an instant internet sensation with over 64 million views. We hope we can encourage as many mothers out there with our take on the song. This week I’ll be blogging about the amazing moms in my life, but for now here is the music video. If you’re a mom BE ENCOURAGED. If you have a mom PLEASE SHARE THIS AND ENCOURAGE YOUR MOM. Also, due to many requests, I am including the lyrics below. Peace.

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