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September 28, 2013 — 27 Comments


I had pictured it in my mind a thousand times.

I would wake with a lump in my throat, happy that she had finally found “the one”, and broken hearted that my little redheaded angel, lovingly known as “sister”, would no longer be found in the crib but all grow’d up, in the arms of her love.

I would spend the day reminiscing of times when she was a baby. I would think about when we brought her home, the look on her brothers faces when they first laid eyes on her, and the many family trips we took together. I would be overwhelmed with emotion and probably be a crying mess, because that’s what having a little girl had done to me.

I would shake a little as I put on my tuxedo. I would rehearse the steps for the father/daughter dance in my mind. I would be left breathless when seeing her in her wedding gown for the first time. I would savor every measured step, with her hand in mine, as we walked down the aisle.

Her groom had come; it would be time to give her away.

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The Set 05/21/11

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The Set – 05/21/11

If you’re a worship leader out there…what are YOU doin’ this weekend?

The Set

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Here we go. The weekly set list update. This week our local congregation at KPIC is in for a blessing as Becca Hill will be leading our worship team this Sunday. Also, I want to remind our local crew, “The Set” is not just a sneak peek but an opportunity to “prepare your sacrifice”. How awesome would it be for ALL of our members to walk in the doors full of faith, expectation, and ready to present our offerings of praise rather than waiting to get warmed up for 10min (after we show up 10min late).


The Set: 02/20/2011

  • I Will Worship (Remix) – written by Kevin Singleton & Jayme Braun – arranged by Jon Owens – original¬†version on “Alone With You” album.
  • Mighty to Save – written by Ben Fielding & Reuben Morgan – Mighty To Save (Live)
  • You Are For Me – written and performed by Kari Jobe – Kari Jobe (self-titled album)
  • Love Is More – written by TWG – performed by Kevin Singleton – Live At The Lambs Theater