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Greetings family! Here is the set for this Easter weekend. KPIC folk please check these tunes out before Sunday and come with a heart full of offerings to lavishly pour out to our RISEN KING!!!

The Set 4/24/11 – Easter Sunday

new music monday

January 10, 2011 — 1 Comment

What’s up everybody. I’ve been so inspired over the last couple weeks as I’ve been exploring new worship music for our local congregation. I came across a beautiful new album by David Gungor called “The Brilliance”. I am constantly trying to find music that has a unique expression of worship and this wonderfully fits the bill. This album has served as an awesome soundtrack for my morning coffee and devo time. If you’ve listened to anything from his brother Michael Gungor (ala Beautiful Things) you can imagine the depth and creativity that flows from this project.

This album is well worth the full download, but if you’re looking for a teaser don’t miss out on downloading the first track “Breathe”. ¬†Also, if you leave an iTunes review and email them you can receive an exclusive track not featured on the album.