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February 4, 2011 — 4 Comments

Each week I’m going to post the set list for our Sunday worship services. The hope is that in doing so:

  1. Our local congregation at KPIC can get a head start on preparing their offerings of thanksgiving and praise.
  2. Our local congregation can know more information about the songs and what recording they can find them on.
  3. Those that read this blog can perhaps be introduced to different songs or combinations or songs. I’m all about gleaning and exchanging ideas with other worship leaders.

So here is the first…

The Set 02/06/11:

So what are you doing in your church this weekend?




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  1. Hey bro,

    i’m bouta cut & paste this blog (giving you credit, of course) straight to my blog here:

    Our list @OrlandoWOC this Sunday:

    Friend of God (Live) – Israel Houghton & New Breed – Alive In South Africa

    Saved By Grace – Israel Houghton – The Power Of One

    I Will Run (Live) – Freddie Rodriguez – Light In The Darkness

    Jesus’ Blood (Live) – Hillsong United – More Than Life (Live)

    How Great Is Our God (Live) – written by Chris Tomlin – performed by Bethel World Outreach Center

    My Heart Is For You – Fred Hammond – Free To Worship

    BTW, how’d you get the linking feature on the songs to the artist’s iTunes page?

    Grace, bro –


  2. Maaan…”I Will Run (Live)” was originally on the list, but we had to make a last minute adjustment. We will be introducing that song next week. We are also introducing The Brilliance “Open Up” in a couple weeks.

    For the link, I went to iTunes and on the specific album page hit the arrow icon near the price and it has a “copy link” option.

    I too can’t wait for July. It’s gonna be CRAZY!

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