“The Song”

February 1, 2010 — 4 Comments

In all my years of worship leading and attending churches there has been this unbelievably amazing phenomenon I find fascinating. I call it the phenomenon of “The Song.” Let me explain.

“The Song” is that faithful, always tight, and always right song that every worship leader or pastor can pull out of the bag when things are feeling a little dry or if the Holy Spirit “needs” a little nudge before it falls. At the beginning of the decade “Glorify His Name” by Kevin Singleton was “THE SONG” in our congregation. If you had a strong female vocalist with a little “I’ve been through some things” raspiness, the “spirit” would go from manifestation to visitation everytime.

“The Song” can be fast, mid-tempo, or slow, but it is “always” right…until it’s not.

That is the trick of “The Song”. Too often people (senior pastors and worship leaders) develop a “soul-tie” to “The Song” and play it into the ground or until “The New Song” arrives.

What are some of your favorite “The Song” moments? What is “The Song(s)” in your congregation now? Is your “The Song” still “The New Song” or quickly becoming “That Song”?



4 responses to “The Song”

  1. I remember when “the song” was “God of the Ages” or “Fire Burns” ….takes me back to college my friend.

  2. Shelby, God of the Ages will always be “Your Song”. ; )

  3. Particularly for our Wednesday night prayer services, “the song” is definitely “You’ll Come”. It’s a powerful song, but sadly approaching the point where it needs to be placed in the worship song “vault” for a season.

  4. For me, in late 2009 and early 2010, it was “Moving Forward.” Just looking over and seeing Aireus fall out as we played it sent everything over the edge.

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