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CH LA 2013

Three years ago, when I started writing the song “We Cry Holy”, I was deeply moved by the “call of Isaiah” found in Isaiah 6:1-8. This amazing encounter with God forever changed Isaiah in person and purpose. I wanted to write a song that would cause people to be in awe of a Holy King, be changed by a redeeming Savior, and be commissioned by the Risen Lord.

I had written the chorus, verse 1, and a bridge at first. It worked and definitely had some cool moments, but I did not feel like it was complete. After I would play it, Kelley and I would often look at each other and think, “it’s not quite finished”.

Then shortly after our daughter Aria went to be with Jesus, we felt a specific charge from the Lord to write songs. “We Cry Holy” was one of the first songs we revisited and finished at that time. God began to give Kelley these heavenly downloads and we started crafting the last two verses of the song. We asked God to help us write phrases being sung NOW in heaven. Though our daughter was no longer “with” us we knew she was in the presence of God…worshipping in the beauty of His holiness. We wanted to join our daughter and the great hosts of heaven singing and crying out to a Holy King, a Redeeming Savior, a Risen Lord. We really felt like God helped us complete a song that had been over a year in the making.

It was at Campus Harvest 2012 in Durham, NC that we introduced the full song for the first time. What happened that weekend will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The following video took place on the Saturday evening session of the conference. The video only goes for 9min or so, but the moment actually went on for much longer. When we corporately “cried Holy” it literally felt like our sounds were resonating with the sounds in heaven and the supernatural was being released. If you don’t watch the whole video go to the 8min mark and just listen to the sound of 2000+ college students crying out to God and being met.

For the first time ever, we are recording and releasing “We Cry Holy” on “The Rise” EP.Please help us release this song and many others by supporting #TheRiseTheFall kickstarted campaign!!!



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  1. Is it on iTunes yet?

  2. Summer Nakamura August 24, 2015 at 10:43 am

    I am from Hawaii and attended our conference this past weekend, Relentless. You led us in worship to this song this past Friday night & I just want to say, thank you to you and Kelley for allowing yourselves to be used by God through such a difficult season of your lives. I was utterly blessed by this song- I felt like my insides literally shot up towards the heavenly courts and together, with the angels and saints, we were worshipping our Savior God. It was a beautiful moment that I’ll never forget. So thank you again, be blessed & I hope to see you again at another conference!

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