Worship Leading 101: Prologue

February 9, 2010 — 10 Comments

In the “Christian” culture today being a worship leader is “sexy”. IT IS!!! Just think of some of the “vogue” worship leader stereotypes. Nothing says anointing like a “bright-skinned”, late 20’s/early 30’s male with skinny jeans, a v-neck t, acoustic guitar, and an “I just got finished crying at the feet of Jesus” raspiness. Selah.

In today’s sound bite and twitpic culture, the role of the worship leader can so frighteningly be reduced to a trendy image and sound instead of a calling and the most gloriously terrible of stewardships. The temptation for so many well-intentioned worship leaders is to settle for being a “sanctified” pop idol.

If all you have to do to impress people as a worship leader is buy a v-neck, sing like a “Brit”, squint your eyes, and occasionally find creative ways to work in a “Black Eyed Peas” or “Kings of Leon” song; who wouldn’t sign up?

The church world is saturated with such shallow expectations and projections of the role. No church that I have met will openly admit to endorsing such a culture. However, if a senior leader spends more time talking with a worship leader about style of dress and song choice rather than the condition of their soul, the culture is established and the impact is great.

God desires to raise up a vast army of worship leaders…not just song leaders or religious heartthrobs…not inch deep spiritualists or pseudo mystical “paper tigers”…WORSHIP LEADERS.

Over the course of my blog I will discuss and explore key fundamentals of worship leading or what I call “Worship Leading 101”. Come back next week to discuss “The Art of a Teacher.”



10 responses to Worship Leading 101: Prologue

  1. U r a Man on Fire! Nothing like a fresh encounter of God to change our lives!

  2. This is amazing. Can’t wait to read more.

  3. good stuff, man! glad you started a blog…will be on here often.

  4. Thank you, Jon. Your heart to see God glorified is something I’ll have with me for a long, long time. I was talking with someone the other day about what worship leading is for me, and I think I just quoted you half the time.

  5. How true…unfortunately in the portion of the world I’ve studied in know as ‘the bible belt’ I think it swung in the opposite direction but created the same problem. They work so hard to make sure the worship leaders don’t become these glorified idols by placing restrictions on the way they dress, ‘no jeans please’ and the songs they sing, ‘I wold like to hear at least 2 hyms in chapel’ …however, they too make the mistake of ignoring the heart issue. Be concerned with the heart, take care of the heart and all else will follow.

    Thank you for this bro

  6. wow. so sadly true. cracked me up and made me sad all at once.

  7. C’mon Jonny O! Wow that was good. Keep it comin’. :o)

  8. Goooooooood stuff…. i likey the blogy

  9. Great word, bro! I appreciate the line, “…the most gloriously terrible of stewardships.” How important to marinate on this truth. Yes, let us find humility and the heart of God long before we try finding the next coolest song, hair style, or v-neck t. Looking forward to reading more, bro! Keep it a comin’.

  10. I agree, leading worship is a form of worship and shouldn’t be a way to gain popularity. We have to remember that if we want Him to be in our presence; we must worship in spirit and in truth. Not with our clothing or our mindset to impressing the congregation.

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